Vikings fans Halloween video behind-the-scenes

So, I follow quite a few different Minnesota Vikings sites around the web. My favorite Minnesota Vikings blog in the past created song parodies for every game (they don’t seem to be doing it this year, for some reason).  Some of my favorite videos they did were the Vikings Halloween Parodies that they would post the wednesday before Halloween.

Well, I was surfing through their site and I found some pretty cool behind-the-scenes type photos of some of those Halloween shoots, and I thought I’d share with you guys to help you get into the feeling for Halloween, since it’s this Friday.

Here are some of the pictures:

105_1954 105_1956 105_1957 Image11 Image14 Image15 Image18 Image22 Image23 IMG_0557 Img_0713 LivImage6

I love Halloween, and I love the Minnesota Vikings, so things like this are extra fun for me.

I’ll admit, it helps when there are several pretty girls in the videos, too!

Here is a link that shows the actual Vikings Halloween Song that they were shooting at this point.

Happy Halloween, Vikings fans!


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